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Adwords Miracle - Scam or Savior?


An Adwords Miracle?    OR  Adwords Scam


Can You Really Earn $300+ a Day...and Quit Your Day Job?

There is a new guide to earning a living with Adwords on the net. You may have even run across it. If not you are bound to soon.

Is this just another "get rich" quick scam?

Could it be The "real" deal?...or maybe something in between?

On the sales page of Adwords Miracle...the author's two big claims are..."earn $300 a day" and "quit your day job". As a user of Google Adwords for over 2 years and a purchaser of nearly every adwords guide on the market...

Here is my review and a peek into the contents of Adwords Miracle:

Section 1 - The Basics:

A well rounded and concise guide to getting around in the Google Adwords platform. While I didn't get a whole lot out of this section, this is an excellent primer for a beginner. The nuts and bolts of Adwords including ctr, cpc, quality score and a lot more of the basic and advanced tools are covered well in Adwords Miracle.


Section 2 - Writing Your Ads:

This is covered in almost any guide on Adwords, with many varying opinions, and with users getting mixed results...I am sure. I am going to stand up and applaud Adwords Miracle on this very important section...A+...

Here's Why:

The author offers the only fool proof method of writing Adwords ads I have ever seen. No guess work and no brain strain! Even a brand new Adwords user will be writing successful ads if they follow the guidelines in Adwords Miracle.


Section 3 - Campaign Management:

Old hat for an experienced Adwords user...but again the author of Adwords Miracle wrote this guide to be valuable for the new user as well. Nothing is left out in this section.


Section 4 - Special Themes:

Holy cow! This is where it starts to get fun...this is where the author takes the basics and shows you how to put them to work to start earning some decent money. He includes actual case studies, which are invaluable.

His "skimming method" is worth many times the investment. If you have been looking feverishly for those 5 cent clicks that convert to sales...he shows you how to get them right here...and bunches of them.

Another highlight in this section is "Google Cash for 2006"...YES! is still possible to earn affiliate income without a's how you do it in this section.

There are many other great strategies in this section...which if you get off the dime...and do them...will reward you handsomely.



I know a person can quit his job using nothing but Adwords and affiliate programs because I have done it...and I know many other that have...

But...the question is can Adwords Miracle teach you everything you need to know to earn $300 a day?

Again I have purchased nearly every Adwords ebook written...if a person will read Adwords Miracle...and get is quite easy with the foundations laid get your first profitable campaign in a couple of days to a week...which will give you your first little "money machine". While that money machine is bringing you keep building more...rinse and repeat...if you will...a $300 a day goal is very realistic and can easily be done in your spare time while you are working your day job.

The hardest thing Adwords users struggle with, is how to get cheap traffic that actually converts into sales...Adwords Miracle has got you covered! I have increased my profits $200 a day just by implementing the "skimming method" alone...and I believe you can too.

Adwords Miracle

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P.S. I think it is important for you to know...that I know a tinkers darn about what I am doing...below is a screenshot of my earnings from just one of my accounts. Enjoy Adwords Miracle!